Believe in changeability.
Promote authenticity.
Find joy.

We are Methodos Germany.

We are passionate change management consultants with more than 20 years of experience. We combine proven, scientifically based methods with disruptive and creative approaches that put people at the center. We support you in your change challenge, from Digital Transformation, ESG, New Ways of Working to Team Development, selectively or holistically, as experts, coaches, facilitators or simply as sparring partners.

We are many.

As part of the European Methodos Group with an international team of more than 60 passionate people with different backgrounds, from business administration to humanities, from design to architecture, from data analysis to programming, diversity is one of our recipes for success.

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Methodos Group unifies:

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We act out of conviction.

We are convinced that every person in every organization can successfully master change, grow from it and develop personally. In our work, we support managers and employees in activating their full change potential and using it in a targeted manner. (Believe in changeability)

In doing so, we focus on people and their individual strengths and use these specifically as a foundation for changeability. Together with managers and employees, we create the appropriate framework conditions that make it easy for people to develop. (Promote authenticity)

To this end, we shape experience-oriented discourse and learning spaces – from team workshops to company-wide hackathons – that help to reduce fears, emotionally connect with new goals, make change tangible and arouse the desired for change. From top management to the store floor. From concept to implementation. Always close to the daily business. (Find joy)

People Transformation

Change attitudes and thought patterns for the long term, thus ensuring the success of the corporate strategy. This is our claim. To achieve this, we set organizations and people in motion. Whether it’s merger, restructuring, strategic reorientation, digitisation or cultural change – we help you achieve your goal with business-related formats.


CorpComms Development

We support you in your role as head of communications, helping you to optimally align your communication function strategically and organisationally to an often unclear future. We help you to design your goals, find the optimal organizational structure and prepare your employees for the new tasks, roles and responsibilities.