Culture eats strategy for breakfast … and structure for lunch.
Many board members and executives have already experienced that the success of far-reaching changes in the company ultimately does not depend on strategy, processes or structures, but on the question of whether it is possible to change steady patterns of thought and behaviour. This is where our People Transformation and CorpComms Development business units come in. With a clear purpose: to implement sustainable behavioural changes that ensure the success of our clients’ corporate strategy, from top management to the shop floor, and from concept to implementation.

We are change management consultants with more than 20 years of experience. We combine proven, scientifically sound methods with new, disruptive approaches. Our knowledgeable, proven team, strengthened by an international network of experienced consultants, is at your side as experts, sparring partners and moderators. We do not work on symptoms, but solve the underlying problems together with you.

People Transformation

Change attitudes and thought patterns for the long term, thus ensuring the success of the corporate strategy. This is our claim. To achieve this, we set organizations and people in motion. Whether it’s merger, restructuring, strategic reorientation, digitisation or cultural change – we help you achieve your goal with business-related formats.


CorpComms Development

We support you in your role as head of communications, helping you to optimally align your communication function strategically and organisationally to an often unclear future. We help you to design your goals, find the optimal organizational structure and prepare your employees for the new tasks, roles and responsibilities.